Tuesday, 23 October 2012

work attire #4 : Leather Collar Worker

Finally settling into my new job, it is VERY different from my old one. For a start I can have an extra few hours lay in thanks to the 20 minute drive to work opposed to the 1.5 hour train joruney to work!
The office is much more casual than my previous job so my outfits are due to get more relaxed as I go on! In my first week I wore skirts, lots of black and heels. I'm currently sitting here in a big chunky knit jumper and jeans!
A HUGE thank you to you lovely 200 girls who now follow my blog. It only took me 2 years to reach this milestone but we did it! Thanks girls!

From top: Leather collar shirt - New Look | Jumper - H&M | Handbag - Mulberry | Skirt - Urban Outfitters (tbc) Skull & Arrow bracelets (sold seperately) - eBay
I'm going to do a post on my amazing holiday to Marrakech next week, sadly losing my tan wah wah wahhh.
Anywho, thanks again for following/reading/commenting, XOXO AVS 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

curve lurve

Girls night out always sends a chill down my spine. I have some of the best dressed girls known to man as Best Friends and I always panic that my look isn't going to be on par. Solution: borrow clothes from said Best Friends. This dress is borrowed from my gurl SinCity (muchos gracias babes). It's a H&M beaut bargain that she bought for only £12.99! 

The dress really does accentuate my curvy bod/bum and I kind of like it. Hey! Gotta love the skin you're in. 

In other news, I found a similar dress to the one I was looking for! It was found on ebay and one won the auction. Super excited to receive it and recreate the Nasty Gal look, along with the armlet that I've bought. My ebay jewellery addiction is definitely reaching new heights, on my recently purchased items out of about 20, 18 are jewels. I bought a two Nicole Richie inspired necklaces, they came in the post today and whilst I love the pendant part of one of them, the chain is super tacky/cheap looking gold so I'll be getting a new longer chain for it. 
What are your favourite ebay jewellery buys at the moment? Are there any ebay shops that you buy from regularly? 

Also, another shout for people to link me their blog jewellery shops... I'll be compiling a list :) 

Have a great day. XOXO AVS

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Everyone loves to share their opinion. Yours is needed!

Bonjour ladies. I'm in desperate need of your opinion so I'm going to get straight down to business...  
In just over 2 weeks time, I'll be jetting off to Marrakech for a much needed holiday.  Cue the panic of what to wear around the pool, what make up will be good for the evenings and the most important one- holiday hair.  


Beach/pool wear. I'm off to Morocco so I'm going to be trying to give off the whole effortless chic look (yeah right, the amount of planning going into it scratches out the 'i-just-threw-this-look-together'). I have tonnes of bikinis that I absolutely love and admittedly I've had a few of them for a couple of years. With my body shape (very pear- a juicy booty and flat chest), I know what styles suit me so I stick to it. My main problem is what to throw over my bikini during the day or for trips to the Souks (that's a Moroccan market, right?)  

I came across this light dress on Nasty Gal's website, and absolutely fell in love with everything about it, I love it, I love the styling and I have a huge girl crush on the model haha. My only problem is it took me a few days to um and ahh over whether it would make it in time all the way from America and by the time I decided on getting it, it was out of stock. BOO.  

Do you know where I could get something similar?? Speak now girls! 


My barnet. As you may well know I was rocking the dip dye look from December to about May this year. After a while I got a bit bored so I just dyed over it and went all brown again. Its a veryyy slight dipdye now, but the ends are well and truly dead because I didn't take care of them (oopsie)... 
I have an appointment booked in tomorrow for the chop, and was thinking of going a bit shorter... A hair idol of mine is good ole' Fearne Cots. I particularly love the slightly wavy pic of her and the end one also. The final pic at the bottom is of a girl from tumblr methinks, I love it, it looks so effortless but still kinda chic, when I straighten my hair atm it looks so ratty... 

Obviously my hair won't look exactly like this as I'm a brunette, but what are your thoughts? 


Jewellery.  I'm a jewellery addict. I literally sit on ebay for hours a day looking for quirky cute necklaces and little bangles, oh how Hong Kong Customs must hate me! I've been looking for a few select pieces lately that I have in mind, the main one being an armlet/upper arm cuff/bangle whatever people may call it...The girl in the top picture (next to problem 1) is wearing one. Do you know where I can get one? 

ALSO, what are your favourite blog shops, I have a few that I like to visit, but I know that there are tonnes more out there. Do you have a blog shop? Is there a shop that you absolutely love and would buy every item from if you could? Please, please, please write the links to them in the comment box below, I would love to browse them and if theres enough I'll make sure I do a blog shop feature and list them all. 

Thanks for your help in advance. I'll share a pic of the new hair with you all asap :) 


Thursday, 30 August 2012

everyday i'm tumbl'ing

yo bebes. 
my tumblr is back up and running if you fancied a gander! every bitch is a bad bitch on tumblr.

love ya's. XOXO AVS | follow me on twitter here 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

(Temporarily) Living in London

Hello! Sorry it's been a while, I've been super busy with work as well as pet/houses-sitting in London. 
Absolutely loved having a mini break in London town, I have soooo many photos to show you :) 

It was an amazing little week away from home and it started of perfectly with the Boyfriend coming up to stay with me for the first weekend, we did so many weird touristy things that I would never have done had we not been staying in London including a boat trip and a visit to the ZOO!

During the week I unfortunately still had to work lots, but luckily got a break mid week in the form of a visit from family which I'll talk about below. I visited starbucks TOO much, ate lots of yummy M&S food thanks to the shop being a few yards from the house and didn't go running as had previously planned (hence why I packed my trainers into my suitcase and they were still in there after a week) This week I need to get to the gym as I'm a very lucky girl and off to Morocco in only 21 days eeeeek! 

As I mentioned, one of the week days my dad and sisters came up to visit as they're on summer holidays so I did even more sight seeing and we went on the London Eye, visited Greenwich and other cool stuffs. My 10 year old sis took this pic. She's no FaceHunter but it'll do (it didn't help that it was so windy too and my outfit looks a bit messy). So thanks Lissy.  

Outfit details:
Sunglasses - Rayban 
Leather jacket - H&M
Vest - Primark
Belt - Primark
Skirt - Target (was a maxi dress)
Shoes - Coverse
Bag - Ebay 
Dog - Borrowed from my boss. And yes, he does have a pink mane and tail. 

I had a trip out to the West End last Thursday with some friends, we went to a club called Cirque Du Soir, have you heard of it/been? Had my face painted with a bit of leopard print (you know how I love tha leopard), proceeded to get drunk and lose my phone not before I managed to Instagram a pic of said facepaint though. BADTIMES. Luckily I had backed up and photo stream had saved all my photos to my iPad (otherwise I would have cried so bad), but still not found the phone, oh and in the case was my ID and Oyster Card too as well as £££ boooohoooo, that teaches me!

I know I'm the worst blogger at making sure there's a new post up every day or even every other day to be honest, but I have lots in store including my trips about London, Outfit posts and lots of new clothes especially of the holiday variety! So be sure to pop back soon. 

Thanks :) XOXO AVS
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Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday Frights- Hall of Shame

There is no doubt that for a show as huge as the X Factor, Tulisa will have unlimited resources to wear some of the most amazing dresses in the world.... Yet here she is yesterday looking like she just stepped out of time machine from 2007, when yes, Herve Leger bandage dresses were in demand
I don't like this look from (blonde) head to (space shoes) toe. 

Does she have a stylist? If so, get rid, I know some girls who would probably do the job for free and actually put in some effort. If not, get one. 

Really? A bandage dress, really? 

Bring back the days of Dannii, and I can't actually believe I'm saying this but (slick rick) Cheryl too. 

Sorry if you find this post a tad bitchy, it's just frustrating when girls with lots of opportunities to wear amazing clothes and make a statement, wear something so classless and a repeat of Kim Kardashian in her early days.... 

xoxo AVS

Friday, 10 August 2012

Get ready to Spice Up Your Life!

Girls, I'm sure you must have heard already, but it's really happening! 
The Spice Girls ARE reuniting for the Olympic Closing ceremony!!!!!!!

You may have seen my tweet weeks ago, it mentioned something about this reunion being career suicide for Queen V(B). Victoria has ALWAYS been my favourite, and I really understand why she may not have wanted this reunion to go ahead... 
After their reunion tour in 2007/8 that I went to and loved every second of, where Victoria didn't do a solo, she instead strutted up and down the catwalk (weird- but hey), I am a little scared for her and her singing skilllzzzzzz... anyone else? Maybe/hopefully she's been seeing a vocal coach haha.  However all this aside I'm too excited to see their performance! 

Just some images below as to why I love Mrs Beckham... (Even managed to squeeze a pic of David in here, how cunning of me- muahaha)

I am in love with this woman's style. 

(All of these images have been taken from Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

If I could have anyone's wardrobe in the world it would be VB's (oh and her skinny frame to wear the clothes on please) So next time I post, I would have probably watched the Ceremony and be completely in love with the Spice Girls all over again... Don't forget to watch. It's on Sunday night BBC1. Starts at 9pm. Oh and if you're one of those REALLY lucky people who has a ticket- enjoy :) 

xoxo, AVS